Here are some guided nature based trips for the state of Selangor. All trips are organized and operated by local guides. Please do not hesitate to contact the guides directly through the Contact Us page to find out more.



Another waterfall along the trail



Real Jungle Walk Near Kuala Lumpur

Guide: L.C. Keong

A walk through some of the best jungles near to the heart of Kuala Lumpur to rivers and waterfalls. A place rarely visited and definitelly not in any guide books!



Amazingly beautiful waterfall with lots of hidden surprises





Guided Walk to Chilling Waterfalls

Guide: Eddie Yap

A refreshing nature trek of forty-five minutes (roughly 2.5km) takes you through the rainforest and along the Chiling River itself until you reach the gorgeous three tiered waterfall. Be prepared to make five river crossings which involve getting wet and much fun!





Enjoy a natural spa massage



Day Trekking to beautiful Medang Waterfall

Guide: Eddie Yap

A walk through orchards, bamboo forest and lush jungle will bring you to this majestic waterfall. A real treat for nature and adventure lovers with slides, pools and water curtains to enjoy!




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