3D/2N Endau Rompin National Park Adventure Trip

Immerse yourself in the beauty of Endau Rompin National Park

This is a personalized adventure trip for those keen on exploring the hidden treasures of Endau Rompin National Park in Johor. Below are details for a 3days 2nights trip to the park.

Endau Rompin was gazetted as a National Park on September of 1993. It is an area from southern part of Pahang to the northern part of Johor and covering an approximate area of 48,905 hectares, effectively making it as the second largest national park in Peninsular Malaysia after Taman Negara, with approximately 26 km of trail. It is the second national park proclaimed by the government of Malaysia. The park was one of the oldest tropical rainforest complexes in the world and features rock formations was about 248 million years old. Apart from that, it’s one of the forest richest in bio-diversity of the world.


Location: Endau Rompin National Park, Johor

Duration: 3D/2N

Suitable for: Families, Students, Nature Lover

Minimum Group Size: 2 pax

Maximum Group Size: 20 pax

Difficulty Level: 3 out of 10 (10 being most difficult)

Trip highlights: To list just a few…

  • Gunung Janing Barat — the Mountain of Fan Palm (Livistona endauensis)
  • Upeh Guling Waterfall- amazing whirlpool rock formation
  • Kuala Marong- the Kelah (Mahseer) fish sanctuary
  • Tasik Air Biru (The Blue Lagoon)
  • Kampung Peta- the Jakun (indigenous people) village
  • Animal spotting


Brief Itinerary:

Day 1

  • 4X4 ride into the park
  • Lunch…the indigenous locals style
  • River tubing/ rafting
  • Jungle night walk

Day 2

  • Amazing tropical forst river cruise
  • Jungle trek to Kuala Marong, Upeh Guling and Tasik Air Biru (bBlue Lagoon)
  • Night animal spotting

Day 3

  • Traditional animal trap demo
  • Blow pipe experience
  • Visit the Jakun’s village
  • End


Meet-up arrangements can be made:

  • directly at Kahang state park office
  • pick-up at Kluang town
  • pick up Mersing town


Cost: Check with Lam

Cost includes: Meals, accommodation, 2 ways 4WD transport, guide, boat, entrance permit, insurance, gears and all of the activities.


To find out more about this 3D/2N Endau Rompin Natonal Park Adventure Trip, write to Lam using our Contact Us page.