Christoph’s adventure at Endau Rompin with guide Lam

Christoph from Germany at Takah Pandan at Endau Rompin National Park

Lam, our nature guide at Endau Rompin National Park, Johor has been really busy with guiding trips. He has been getting an average of 10 inquiries a month for trips to the park through Offdcouch. On top of that, his commitment to delivering educational programs to schools, colleges and youth makes him a hard to get hold of guide.

Lam with Christoph at a waterfall in Endau Rompin

So, recently Lam manages to find some time to sit down and compile a trip report for the blog. He thought he would write about his trip with Mr Christoph from Germany. Obviously, Lam prefers to give his guests his personal service whenever he is available. They met up at Yong Peng town. Christoph who is on a business trip wanted to have a short trip into the park and Lam decided that the Selai entrance would fit the bill.

Nature trips with Lam are not just about the destination (in this case it may be the waterfall). Lam is a birder, plant enthusiast and a keen learner of all beings big and small. Lam shares insights along the way, making the trip enlightening and enjoyable.

Nature Guide Lam is able to stop and allow you to admire and enjoy nature as it is


The picture says it all

A visit to Selai entrance is never complete with a shoot down the rapids in rubber tube. Safety is priority, so Christoph needs to suit up as required by the park regulations.

Rubber tubing at Selai, Endau Rompin National Park

Christoph’s visit to Endau Rompin is not limited to the natural beauties of the park only. Lam also brought Christoph to visit the Jakun village for a glimpse of how the indigenous people may have lived in the jungle for generations.

An enjoyable and unforgettable trip for Christoph

Christoph’s trip to Endau Rompin is organized and guided by Mr Lam, a local licensed nature guide from Johor. If you would like to visit the park and require the service of an experienced and knowledgeable guide, feel free to contact Lam via our Contact Us page.

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