Keong accompanies MNS group trip to Lake Chenderoh, Perak

A tour around Chenderoh Lake

In September 2011, Nature Guide Keong accompanied a small group of Malaysian Nature Society members to the hydro dam Chenderoh in the state of Perak. Lake Chenderoh is a beautiful place and the surrounding area is steep in history, making it a one stop destination for a weekend visit.

A 3 days 2 nights trip, the group of less than 20pax stayed at Suka Suka resort, a beautiful family operated resort with rebuilt traditional Malay houses. Most of the houses come from around the state of Perak and they have been transplanted onto the property. With water frontage, the resort never fails to captivate visitors there.

During the trip, the group visited several attractions including the Lenggong archeological museum, lake tour, waterfall, markets as well as local industries Perkasam fish making and clay water pitchers (Labu Sayung).

Chenderoh Lake is an excellent place for visitors who want to get away to a place, not too far from Kuala Lumpur and just rest and relax. A place with plenty of good food, local attractions and pristine nature to keep you occupied.

To find our more about trips to Chenderoh Lake, feel free to write to nature guide L.C. Keong via our Contact Us page.

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