A nature walk with nature guide Wendy in Langkawi

Nature guide Wendy explaining the geographical features of Langkawi

Langkawi nature guide Wendy recently  accompanied Suzanna and her husband on a nature walk from the top of Gunung Raya to Lubok Semilang. Seasoned and knowledgeable travelers, the couple from Hong Kong had such a terrific time that they took the effort to write to us about their experience and even made a video to show!

Below is the email sent in by Suzanna:


Wendy was our Nature Guide when my husband and I took a nature walk trip from the hill top of Gunung Raya to Lubuk Semilang, Langkawi.  Took us 4 to 5 hours, at least.  We did doubt, at first, whether we could finish the journey.  Wendy was very patient and did not rush us at all, totally different from the local tour operators.  Walking down the 4,287 steps stairway leisurely, along with admiring the beauty of the forest, the flora and fauna, and snapping lots and lots of photos, will remain an unforgettable sweet experience for us.  We could never forget how cooling it was walking under the canopy of some of the oldest trees in the region.  Seeing all those tall old trees right in front of us, even at this very moment, overwhelms us.  We felt safe too because Wendy brought along a PARANG!  🙂  And she is VERY fit!  🙂

Wendy spotted a lot of animals for us, very observant.  I guess, for the very first time, in a very long time, I learned to make use of my eyes and ears.  I can still remember how the calls of the hornbills, the helicopter-like sound they make when they fly.  Spotting a Ratufa Bicolor (see?  that’s the word she used, amazing!) at the beginning of the journey thrilled us too! ……….. and many more.


Here are some pictures by Suzanna.


We will also be posting up the video by Suzanna in the following blog. Obviously, Suzanna and the husband had a wonderful walk (and workout!) with Wendy in Langkawi.

If you are heading to Langkawi and would want to experience Wendy‘s personalized walks and adventures, you can do so by writing her an email here.


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