Seagrass bed exploration & mangrove tour, Sungai Pulai Johor

A unique Elbow Crab

Besides providing personalized trips into Endau Rompin National Park, nature guide Lam is also very passionate with the ongoing conservation efforts at Sungai Pulai seagrass bed area. On Merdeka Day 2011, Lam led a group of local visitors to this beautiful and unique place. It was mostly a first time visit for most and we trust that they had a wonderful learning experience on the trip.

Sungai Pulai is a Ramsar site — one of the few locations all over the world recognized for itsĀ  ‘Wetlands of International Importance ‘ ! Visiting the place is like visiting Mother Nature’s own cauldron of blessings. So many things to see, discover and learn through being physically present there. Here are some of the things the visitors experienced during the visit:


If you are interested to visit Sungai Pulai in Johor to appreciate its biodiversity and beauty, feel free to contact Lam by using the Contact Page.

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