Join us on an amazing journey through nature!

If you are looking for a private & personalized nature based trip in Malaysia, then you have come to the right place!

Offdcouch is made up of nature guides from all over Malaysia, offering specialized and customizable nature trips that suit your needs. From the isle of Langkawi to the beautiful and enchanting Sarawak, our programs and trips range from half day walks to even multiple day excursions. Activities include waterfall hunting, bird watching, nature interpretative walks, jungle camping as well as experiencing life with local cultures.

Why us? We are neither a tour operator nor a tour agent. We are simply a web based avenue for local nature guides (selected based on our criteria) in Malaysia to advertise their services without being subjected to tour operators or agents. What this means is that you will come in direct contact (as well as making payment) with the actual guide that will be handling your trip! No commissions, no middle man.

That’s not all! We will also be sharing useful information like what to pack, local cultures, how to travel, where to stay, food and much more on our blog page. There will also be write-ups to places that you can visit on your own!

You will find some of the trips already available offered by our guides here. If you are interested in a particular activity or trip in a particular locality which is not listed on this website, please feel free to write to us via our Contact Us page or visit us on our Offdcouch Facebook Page. We guarantee you a reply.

So…we hope to see you in Malaysia and we wish you a pleasant stay!


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  1. Emma Vijayaratnam says:

    Hi. We came on a wonderful trip with Eddie Yap in Octo 2012. He took us to Chilling waterfall. You have posted photographs of our children etc which are tagged and we have requested Eddie to remove them from FB, which I think he has, BUT they are still on your website. I have written twice before to request you to remove them. The link to the page is here: Private river excursion for Australian family by nature guide Eddie Yap
    Posted on November 22, 2012 by admin (not a link but the reference). We are BEGGING you to remove these photos – they were posted WITHOUT our permission. I would be very grateful for a response. We are planning to return to Malaysia for a holiday in Oct and would love to use your service again for a different trip, we had such a great day with Eddie but feel strongly about photographs of our family on the internet. I look forward to your response, thank yo. I also believe Eddie has requested Admin to remove these photographs.

    • admin says:

      Good day Emma, I am terribly sorry for the late reply and action. We had some problem with the site and only recently able to edit it. The entire post has been deleted. Terribly sorry for the inconveniences caused.

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